Struggling to find top-notch employees?

Traditional hiring methods can be frustrating and inefficient, wasting valuable time and resources on unqualified candidates.

With Concierge Elite, you can streamline your staffing process effortlessly with a virtual receptionist. Our advanced screening system ensures that you swiftly discover the perfect match for your business. Say goodbye to the hassle of sifting through unqualified candidates and let Concierge Elite simplify your hiring needs. Find your ideal virtual receptionists, co-op answering teams, or in-house veterinary technicians with ease and efficiency.

3 images stacked upon one another, the first image is of a little boy at the dentist, the second is of a women holding her new glasses out in front of her the third photo is of a vet tech holding a small white dog

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is an individual who provides administrative, organizational, or personal support to clients or employers from a remote location. Using digital communication tools and technology to carry out tasks and responsibilities assigned to them.

Our Services

Simple, Straightforward Pricing


Simple yet effective, our plans are designed to meet the needs of your growing business. Keeping your bottom line healthy while growing your return on investment is easy with no surprise billing & zero recruitment fees.

Hiring Agency

Discover Top Talent with Our Reliable Hiring Agency at a Flat Rate!

Virtual Receptionist

Elevate Service: Virtual Receptionist, Just $14/Hour – Try Excellence Today!

Veterinary Triage

Remote, Tech-Driven Veterinary Triage from $999 – Prioritize Pet Health!


Empower Your Service: 100% Customizable Answering Solutions Await!

Optometry Receptionist

Crystal Clear Care: Remote Optometry Receptionist Enhancing Your Practice!

Veterinary Receptionist

Tail-Wagging Support: Remote Veterinary Receptionist Enhancing Your Practice Today!


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