Concierge Elite Staffing Solution

Our staffing solution challenges the norms of the industry by providing a 100% customizable staffing experience without limits. Find your perfect match whether that be a virtual receptionist or in-house staff, lets revolutionize your organization’s staffing process with Concierge Elite.

Virtual Dental Receptionist

Do your phones ring? Are you missing appointments? Try our Virtual Veterinary Assistant today!

Virtual Veterinary Receptionist

Is your veterinary practice understaffed? Look no further we can help hire your next employee today!

Virtual Optometry Receptionist

Is insurance verification taking forever? We're HIPAA certified! Let our team handle insurance and appointments today!

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is your remote partner in productivity and efficiency. At Concierge Elite, our virtual assistants provide professional support, handling tasks such as scheduling, communication, and organization, allowing you to focus on your core business while we take care of the details.

Welcome to Your Staffing Solution Hub!

Is your clinic’s phone ringing like crazy? Worried that you’re missing appointment opportunities? Seeing more lapsed clients?

The Concierge Elite virtual receptionist team ensures that no call goes unanswered, appointments are scheduled efficiently, and client retention stays strong.

Our team of experienced virtual assistants and virtual receptionist takes care of everything so you can focus on providing the best medical care possible!

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Our Services

Struggling to find top-notch employees?

Traditional hiring methods can be frustrating and inefficient, wasting valuable time and resources on unqualified candidates.

With Concierge Elite, you can streamline your staffing process effortlessly. Our advanced screening system ensures that you swiftly discover the perfect match for your business. Say goodbye to the hassle of sifting through unqualified candidates and let Concierge Elite simplify your hiring needs. Find your ideal virtual receptionists, co-op answering teams, or in-house veterinary technicians with ease and efficiency.

Hiring Agency

Discover Top Talent with Our Reliable Hiring Agency at a Flat Rate!

Virtual Receptionist

Elevate Service: Virtual Receptionist, Just $14/Hour – Try Excellence Today!

Veterinary Triage

Remote, Tech-Driven Veterinary Triage from $999 – Prioritize Pet Health!


Empower Your Service: 100% Customizable Answering Solutions Await!

Optometry Receptionist

Crystal Clear Care: Remote Optometry Receptionist Enhancing Your Practice!

Veterinary Receptionist

Tail-Wagging Support: Remote Veterinary Receptionist Enhancing Your Practice Today!

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Trained Employees

Your Training Solution

Maximize the potential of effortless integration with our extensive network of top-tier practice management software providers. With our strong partnerships firmly in place, you have the freedom to carefully select the perfect team member who arrives already well-versed in your PMS. We highly value your time, and all we need is just a single hour to comprehensively understand your unique requirements for the ideal appointment. Allow us to simplify and streamline your staffing procedures, ensuring a seamless match for your practice. Explore the power of practice management software integration today.

frequently asked questions

What industries do you staff?

Concierge Elite can help staff any company with any position; however, we specialize in veterinary, optometry, and dental.

What makes you different than the other companies who offer the same services?

While we have many similarities to our competitors, three things make us stand out. First, we are a no-contract service; second, you choose your employee; third, we are 100% customizable and integrate with all software and phone companies.

This sounds like a call center... Is it?

Nope! We are not a call center! You get between one and five employees who answer for your clinic, and you get direct communication with them. We do not outsource our services, as you can choose your remote employee team.

Do the remote employees have training in my industry?

We have three types of trained employees available for placement: veterinary techs/receptionists, Optometry receptionists, and personal assistants/front desk receptionists.

How do they help my clinic and not cause more work?

Simple! They are your staff’s personal assistant! Our remote team is trained and integrated into your clinic, so they’re able to help with booking appointments, answering phone calls, refilling RXs, completing assigned tasks, and so much more! The goal is to plug your remote employee and staff together, so they’re able to work as a team to complete daily tasks while attending to your clients.



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